Hey, it's dangerous to experience sweater weather alone. here's a TH.IMBEUL!
(TH. IMBEUL is a combination of BEUL and THIMBLE)
Inspired by BLONDTIQUE’s beginnings
as a tiny tailoring shop whose sword and shield
was needle and thimble, BLONDTIQUE returns
for Autumn with “TH.IMBEUL”, a knitwear line 
featuring BLONDTIQUE’s signature handmade, 
expressive, unique stitching and concept laden pieces.
TH.IMBEUL juxtaposes the softness of knitwear with the
firmness of swordsmanship. Just as a shield
protects one from an opposing forces attack, a
thimble protects ones fingers from harm while using a
needle. In that way, thoughtful, design driven
TH.IMBEUL cozily protects you from Seoul’s Autumn.
TH.IMBEUL’s apparel is your armor.


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